Since the founding of this ministry, we have believed in miracles. Over the years we have seen God do incredible things, which has increased our faith in His miracle working power. Little did we know that we ourselves would need this to go to work in our lives. In June of 2018, Scott and a team where ministering in Kenya. As always, God was moving. People were born again, healed, and set free. Upon returning home, Scott fell very ill and ended up in the hospital. He was diagnosed with a severe case of Cerebral Malaria, and quickly, his case took a turn for the worse. He fell into a coma for 11 days. During that time, he experienced organ failure, brain injury, and other bodily damage. The prognosis was dim.

Eliza and their family went to work. They began to call for prayer from around the world. Instantly, many nations were praying and fasting for Scott to live. Much spiritual warfare took place to stand in the gap for Scott’s life. After 11 days, Scott woke up. He spent the next several weeks recovering in the hospital, and was sent home to undergo months of care. The doctors called him a miracle. He went through grueling wound care for tissue damage, and two amputation surgeries over the following months.

Although it has been a tough journey, Scott continues to travel and preach the word of God today. In his words, “I am not just a miracle, I am a miracle in progress”. He recalls the torment and fear he battled while in the coma. “It was like God was not there. I have never experienced fear and hopelessness like that before”. He also recalls his near death. “I was going up like an escalator towards heaven. I passed through people who knew me and were thanking me. Suddenly, as a got closer to the light, a loud voice called my name. The voice said, you are not finished yet. Then, I woke up”.

Scott is convinced that it is now his mission to bring hope to the hopeless like never before. “We have the answer in Jesus, and we must carry it to the world”. If you need a miracle in your life, believe today. Our God is the same yesterday, today, and forever. He is a God of miracles!